Did You Smile Today?

It is nearing bedtime in my house; time for relaxation, reflection on the day, and maybe a few thoughts on this modern phenomenon called “selfies.” I can hear many of you groaning already. I was recently told that because I am connected to many people via the internet and because I post pictures of myself that I am a vain person. You can form your own personal opinion from whatever information you may know about me but I will respond with the reason I take pictures of myself and post them for my friends to see.

I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder more than twenty years ago. I will require treatment for it for the rest of my life. I have been hospitalized for it in the past and there are no guarantees that I will not be hospitalized for it in the future.My depression has been classified as treatment resistant and if you are familiar with depression at all you know that “treatment resistant” doesn’t even scratch the surface of describing the challenges I face. I do not say any of this to elicit your sympathy in any way but as a means of explaining where I am coming from. My depression has been nearly fatal more than once in my life. I pray to God that it never brings me to that dark of a place again.

Having a mental illness requires living a very intentional life. Everything I do requires planning and preparation. I am determined to experience all that this life has to offer me and to do that I must be careful not to allow negativity into my days. For this reason I do not own a television, this requires me to seek out news of local, national, and world events to stay informed. I don’t know the names of many of the celebrities featured on the newsstand magazines and I am not familiar with the latest and greatest mousetrap being advertised on the screen. I read online newspapers, real magazines such as The Atlantic, The Economist, Readers Digest, and Health. I don’t think my way of living is better than anyone else’s but it is what works for me.

Why did I ask if you smiled today? The reason I asked you that is the reason I take selfies and post them on my facebook page; it is because there are many days when that smile I put on my face for the camera is the only time I smile that day. I am a widow who lives alone, there can be many days when I see no one but if my smile on Facebook means that someone else smiles back at me by clicking like on my picture then I smile in return. If you want to call this vanity I won’t attempt to change your opinion, but if my smile has ever made you smile then I have accomplished what I wished to.

Blessings and Goodnight

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Again We Grieve

Boston on Marathon Day, tax day for many, a Monday, a Sunny day in the Northeast. First it came from a friend on chat, did you hear ? Did I hear what?  About Boston she answered. Then the Facebook feed started to change, PRAYERS FOR BOSTON read a friends post. I was on the phone with a customer service agent trying to pay a bill, I asked him if he was in the United States, he said no, I told him and we sat for a moment in silence not knowing what to say before we continued on with the task at hand. My fiancee was at the grocery store, I asked him if he knew when he got back a few moments after I turned on the television for the first time this semester. He had not heard. We held each other and I cried, he asked if I was scared, reminding me that everyone I knew was safe, I was crying for our world, the world of my children, the world that someday will be home to Grandchildren of mine. He understood and held me a little tighter.

What do we do when our world is turned upside down? Where do we turn? Here, on the campus of my seminary, I am sure many have gathered in the chapel, I will go there too, later. I am sure that many will go to their synagogues, chapels, mosques, cathedrals, temples,  churches and houses of worship of all creeds and doctrines we will cling to each other and ask why? Some will blame, some will be angry with God, or Muhammad, or Buddha, but no matter where or who or how we worship, in some way one thing will be universal; we will gather together.

That is how it is intended to be. We do not live in this world in isolation, we live in community. We were created to compliment each other and work together. I am a Christian, you may not be, maybe you are one of the people who mark the box labeled “none” when the form says religious affiliation, maybe today you will not?

This weekend many churches and religious institutions will see an increase in attendance, that is what we do, we seek sanctuary, in whatever way we define it.  My fervent  prayer tonight is that “we” (those of us who attend, and those of us who lead) we will greet all who enter, with the open arms that God calls us to have, may God’s arms surround you and your family tonight, and may you be the arms of God in this world as you go through the week. God Bless You. AMEN

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For the word cover I decided to go with a modern definition and show you the “Cover” Image from my facebook page. This is my favorite scene in my favorite movie. It is from The Sound Of Music , and it is the scene where The Captain and Maria declare their love for each other with the song “Something Good” 

May you all be blessed today by something good !


Something Good

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